The Law of Attraction and Money

The law of attraction and money are natural partners.  If you understand the law of attraction you can learn how to attract money now.

Picture the following: Spending quality time with family and friends without constantly watching the time, buying wholesome foods without counting every cent, staying fit and healthy with the help of your personal trainer. Don’t forget the invigorating holidays to exotic locations to clear the mind and nourish the soul. All of this and much more is within your grasp if you had the financial freedom to do so.

The Law of Attraction and Money – Step 1: Develop an Expectation
Start off immediately by fixing in your mind the exact amount of money you are going to receive by a specific date.  Expect to receive the money and don’t even think about how it is going to be achieved. The underlying secret to the law of attraction and money is developing the expectation and opening the mind to believing it can become a reality. Set a reasonable expectation. If you only make about $25,000 a year, it is more realistic to set your expectation on $15,000 in five months than $2,000,000 in five months. As soon as you achieve the first goal, it will become so much easier to set your sights on bigger and better things.

The Law of Attraction and Money – Step 2: Become Passionate
Money itself is not the issue. We all need money to do the things we are really passionate about. Whether it is helping a sick family member or buying a new car. Money is just a thing we use but we ourselves give meaning to it in terms of what we can achieve by using it. If you have not been able to attract the money you want, stop focusing on the money itself. Instead focus on the bigger picture: What do you want to DO with the money. What are you really passionate about? Rather become obsessed with a goal and use the law of attraction and money to your best advantage.

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The Law of Attraction and Money – Step 3: Get on With It

You have already developed your expectation of the exact amount of money you want to receive at a specific date. You are also passionate about the goal for which the money is earmarked. Now is the time to get on with it. Keep working at it to make your goal come true. It will take effort, but in the past you have learned to be determined and to use initiative to overcome difficult circumstances and to make ends meet.Your efforts and strategy to create more wealth may be insufficient at the moment or may need adjusting. By focusing on the goal and persisting, the subconscious mind will look for new ideas and smarter ways of doing things which will subconsciously present themselves. The momentum created by good working habits will then effortlessly be transferred to implement these new ideas and methods. You will also discover even more opportunities to implement the law of attraction and money.

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