Review of The Secret

The Secret became the best selling self-help book of all time in only a few years, making Rhonda Byrne world renowned in the area of personal development. Any review of The Secret is therefore difficult. The message in this book and movie was delivered by over a dozen of the world’s most well known success coaches and was summed up well in a statement by John Asaraf: “You can have anything that you want; I don’t care how big it is.” Bob Proctor, a self-made millionaire, described ‘The Secret’ as the law of attraction, stating the all things in your life is attracted into it as a result of things you are thinking about. Whether your thoughts are about what you do want, or what you don’t want, you create your own reality through the thoughts that are foremost in your mind.

The purpose of this review of The Secret is to help you to decide whether purchasing the movie, or any other material, is worth it or not.

The Cast and Message of The Secret

The fact that some of the most prominent minds in personal development decided to take a part in The Secret is probably the most quality-assuring thing about it. Among those involved are Bob Proctor, author of “You Were Born Rich”; Jack Canfield, author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books; James Arthur Ray; Joe Vitale and John Asaraf. Dozens of other people who are living proof of how the law of attraction affects your life also took part. These people claim that the law of attraction (the secret that has made them successful) was used by many historical figures such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Thomas Edison, Einstein, JD Rockefeller and Dale Carnegie to name a few. In that way one could say that their success is one form of review of The Secret.

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As absurd as this may sound, you simply need to do some research into the lives and writings of these historical figures and you will find that they all believed that we have the power to control our results by directing our thoughts towards what we want. Each of them also believed that we are linked to everything in existence; that there is an overall ‘connectedness’ in the universe and so you can tune your body and mind to the same frequency, thereby attracting energies which are consistent with your thoughts. So, to fairly review The Secret one has to admit that is has many merits and are based on the work of people successful in their own right.

Clearly the individuals listed in this review of The Secret who held this belief and the remarkable feats which they accomplished in their lives make it difficult to ignore the credibility of the law of attraction and the impact that our thoughts have on our lives.

Something more to consider

The principles that are taught in ‘The Secret’ are very valuable, but they are only a part of the story. They simply supply you with three steps: ask, believe, and receive. But if you look into the lives of the great achievers, including those who believed in the law of attraction, you will find that they all have something in common: they were all dedicated to pursuing the thing that they desired through careful planning, persistence and a desire to achieve their goal. It is not clear exactly where this fits in with the “ask, believe, and receive” instructions which are presented in this movie.

Yes, The Secret will be helpful

To be fair, this review cannot be complete without a word of caution.  Those who participated in The Secret know that there is more to it than those three steps and that nothing will happen unless you work at achieving it. The Secret will be helpful to you as long as you keep that in mind. It will help you to stay focused on your goal when you are working out a plan towards achieving it.

Hopefully this review of The Secret was useful and help you make the secret work for you.