Love Affirmations to Find a Soulmate

Have you ever wanted to be around a certain person so badly that it physically hurts, but didn’t have the courage to take the next step? Maybe it is because you always have negative thoughts about yourself which make you feel “not good enough”. Love affirmations are powerful tools to help you change the way you constantly talk to yourself (your inner dialogue). Positive affirmations will help change brain wave patterns so you “feel good” about yourself, have confidence and pride in yourself and they are also perfect for attracting love and romance.

If the mere thought makes you excited, you’ll be pleased to know that you can develop your own love affirmations to find a soulmate.

First of all you have to get be clear about:

A.)    The person you want to attract.
Visualize the person you would like to attract and make a list of all the characteristics that you would like them to have. This will make it easier to identify them in a person when you meet various other people.

B.)    The kind of person you have to become to attract them.
There are always two sides to a coin. If you want to find a soulmate and to have a close and permanent relationship, you have to change what you have always been and done. Otherwise you will only get more of the same- that which you have always had.  And that’s no good. You have to start by asking yourself: What kind of person do I have to become in order to attract the specific person and to have a permanent and meaningful relationship with them? In the answer lies the basis for your love affirmations to find a soulmate.

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Secondly, build your love affirmations.
All your love affirmations need to be positive so they can inspire you. Write them down:

  • In the first person.
  • In the present tense.
  • Emphasize the characteristics of your ideal person.
  • Most important of all, emphasize the characteristics you have to acquire to attract, find and keep your soulmate.

If you want to attract a person who is honest, caring and confident for example, then take to look at the following:

  • ”As an honest, caring and confident man, I naturally attract honest, caring and confident women into my life.”
  • “My honesty and confidence attracts honest and confident women.”
  • “I attract honest and confident women because I am an honest and confident man.”

The purpose of these love affirmations is to condition your subconscious mind so it believes the things that you are constantly telling it. You may not be there yet, but remember the purpose is to become the person who will find a soulmate. When the beliefs become internalized and you make them part of you, they will become real and change the way you think and behave. It works on the psychological principle called cognitive dissonance, which is the unease you feel when your beliefs and actions are not in harmony. When you feel uncomfortable, you need to change your actions to bring them in line with your beliefs.

Finally, rehearse your love affirmations to find a soulmate.

With your positive love affirmations in your hand, stand in front of the mirror and say them out loud in the morning and in the evening. This is the start of the road to transformation. In about 21 days you will have gained momentum. Your subconscious mind, vivid imagination and beliefs will all work together to transform you into the person who will definitely find a soulmate.

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