How to Get Men

Few women actually know how to get men by initiating the first contact and developing the relationship to the final stage of commitment. There is no need to despair, however, because it is possible to learn the skills to attract a man, have him fall in love with you and finally commit to a permanent relationship.

Still not convinced? Look at the women out there who were able to attract “Mr. Right”. If you want to learn their secret and be one of them, the following will be the most important message you will read today.

A). Talk to Everybody

It will be wrong of us to focus only on how to get men. Initially start talking to everyone wherever you go, including women, children, and the elderly, men you may or may not be interested in. It may sound like strange advice, but you will come across as socially confident and self assured. People (including men) are attracted to others who are confident. They usually feel flattered when you are personally interested in them and will therefore respond positively when you show an interest in them. A good listener is always appreciated. You may not believe it, but men are also afraid of rejection and shy away from making the first move. If you come across as friendly and socially confident, men will find you more approachable and you will be spoilt for choice to find “Mr. Right”. You will be able to give other women advice on how to get men.

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B). Play Hard to Get

In our quest to find the answer to “How to get men” we look at the age old trick of playing hard to get. Men hate it when women play hard to get because it actually works and makes them feel vulnerable. It also makes them more interested to find out more. Most people don’t like the idea of playing games to make a man commit. Life, however, is one big game of negotiation and persuasion. Look at the way we deal with our children, wrap parents around our fingers, further our careers, etc. Men love challenges. The best way to play the cat and mouse game is to become totally absorbed by something you are really passionate about. The man of your dreams will have to compete for your attention which will be, of course, a challenge like a red flag to a bull.

C). Go Slow

“How to get men” involves more than just talking and playing hard to get. We are familiar with the expression “speed kills” on our roads. It can also apply to the road to commitment. Don’t be in a hurry to put pressure on a man to commit- it may only increase his fear of commitment. Men are “born” to be in control and rushing them along increases their sense of losing control and wanting to resist. Instead, when you meet the man of your dreams, gently nudge him to compete for your time and attention by keeping contact with a few close male friends. He will feel compelled to win you for himself before someone else beats him to it. What you have read may sound like common sense, but putting it into practice will make all the difference to your relationships and confidence. Now go and teach other women how to get men!