How to Get a Woman

Are you sick and tired of sitting alone at the table while the other Casanovas charm their way into the ladies’ hearts? Do you want know how to get a woman instantly and progress to the final stage of seduction effortlessly? Then read on and take this simple message to heart. Many men would love to know how to get a woman, how to attract women, call it what you like. For some men the dating game is a threatening, uphill battle while others take to it like a duck to water.

A). Be Social

The few men who really know how to get a woman are very social and you may even call them social butterflies. A man can be a butterfly? If it serves the purpose of attracting women you may as well become one too.

Here is how to go about it: Start by saying “hello” to everyone you encounter. Make a habit of it so you are able to do it naturally without feeling uncomfortable. It doesn’t even cost anything. Move on to include “How are you doing?” in your greeting. It applies to each and everyone you see- the women you may like and even the ones you definitely are not interested in. Approach old and young, men and women, all shapes and sizes. People respond readily to a friendly face. By the time you come face to face with your “dream girl”, you will have the skills to say “hello” without swallowing your tongue.

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B). Go on a Date

You don’t want to focus just on “How to get a woman” or any woman for that matter, but it is a good place to start. Stop looking for a particular type to come to you. You might not be very interested in a specific girl, but it is a good idea to go on a date with her and meet more people. There may not be a special chemistry, but she might introduce you to her friends. You will quickly build your social circle and meet more people. You are, after all, not expected to get married after the first date.

Women can be very competitive and jealous. As soon as other women see that you are dating and attracting women, you yourself will become more attractive to them- the prize that is worth fighting for. Do you now know more about how to get a woman ?

C). Be Confident

When you get a woman to go on a date with you, will you have the skill to develop the attraction? Most men don’t even care to take the time to do so. Remember, women seem to belong to a totally different species at times and don’t just fall for good looks like we do. They like a confident man and the way you act is far more important than your looks.  But beware; they will test you to make sure you are what you seem to be.

Women will test you to see if you can stand your ground. If you allow them to control you, you won’t stand a chance. You’ll become just a friend like any other man. On the other hand, when the next attractive woman cunningly starts testing you, you will be prepared. You’ll be gentle but firm, the tower of confidence, and pass the test with flying colors. She will be so attracted to you that she will even make the first sexual advance. You may think it sounds too good to be true, but just try it. You’ll find it so much easier to attract and seduce women. You will become the Casanova who will teach other men how to get a woman.