How to do Meditation

Knowing how to do meditation is an important skill to learn if you want to manage stress, build willpower and confidence and stay healthy – both physically and emotionally. People who are looking to develop this skill usually want fast results, so how does 30 days sound? Short as it may seem, this is an adequate amount of time to master meditation, provided that you follow the right steps. This article will outline a solid plan for learning how to meditate and master it within one month.

How to Meditate Like a Master within One Month
Days 1-5
The first five days will be dedicated to becoming aware of what you are thinking about. This simply involves sitting on the ground with your legs crossed and taking note of any thoughts that may cross your mind. Don’t concentrate your attention on any one thought; simply observe what ones come into your mind. Don’t try to scrutinize or suppress any of them. The objective is to merely become more aware of your thoughts. This is the first step in learning how to do meditation.

Days 6-10
The second five days involve training your mind and body to get into the ‘hypnotic state’, which is between sleeping and dreaming and is similar to the state used during self hypnosis. To get into this state lie down on your back and hold one of your arms out at a 90° angle in front of your body – this way your arm will fall and wake you up just before you start to doze. While doing this you will continue to observe the thoughts that come into your mind like you did during the first five days. As you do this, or perhaps soon after the five days are over, you may begin to wake up from sleeping at night – something that is known as “sleep paralysis”. This can be quite unsettling, but it’s important to bear in mind that it is only your physical body being asleep while you are conscious. This usually passes as you progress through the subsequent stages of learning how to do meditation.

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Days 11-20
During the next ten days of learning how to do meditation you will work on weeding random thoughts out of your head. This simply involves acknowledging out loud any thought that pops into your head. For example:
“I’m thinking about mowing my lawn.”
“I’m thinking about checking my e-mails.”
“I’m thinking about my work meeting.”

You will find that, once you acknowledge them, the thoughts quickly disappear from your thoughts. While doing this you will still be lying on your back with your arm up to get into the hypnotic state.

Days 21-30
The final ten days of learning how to do meditation focus on refining the skill of remaining in the hypnotic state and clearing your mind of any thoughts that come into it. The sole objective during these final ten days is to be in a state of perfect calm in mind, body and spirit. If any thoughts come into your mind simply acknowledge them as described in days 11 to 20.

After following this process you will have mastered the skill of meditation and will to experience the benefits of sleeping more soundly, having lower stress levels, having a longer concentration span and better willpower. So start on these steps today and in just 30 days you will have taught yourself how to do meditation.