How do I Lose Weight fast? Three Easy Steps

We all know that there are a multitude options and programs to help those asking “How do I Lose Weight fast?” The only problem is that about 95% of people who use them put the weight back on as soon as they stop using these programs.

The other 5% found simple answers to ensure they keep their weight down. It will therefore benefit you immensely to identify the option that will lead towards lasting results- your own answer to the personal question: How do I lose weight fast?

Step 1:  Right Frame of Mind

To lose weight fast, you have to identify your goal weight- and firmly believe you will achieve it- no ifs or buts. Thinking and talking to relatives and friends about “trying to” and “wanting to” lose weight send the wrong signals to the brain. It leaves the door wide open for excuses and temptations. Maybe the question “How do I Lose Weight fast?” is not the right one.  Maybe “How can I Lose Weight FOREVER?” is better.

Talk to yourself and others in positive terms as if you expect to lose weight. A decision will already have been made and your mind will strive to make it reality. Visualize yourself having attained your goal weight and expect it to happen- like the brain we all need a carrot to pull us forward towards a goal.

Step 2:  Implementing Resistance Training

Building lean muscle is an important part of losing weight fast and also an added benefit in staying healthy. For this purpose resistance and strength training are more effective than cardiovascular exercise as it boosts your metabolism and increases energy levels. It becomes easier for the body to burn fat even while inactive.

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Resistance training does not imply muscle building for body building competitions. You only have to lift weights which are heavier than you would normally lift. With regular exercise, muscle and bones will be strengthened and you will build lean muscle mass. After a few weeks of starting your training, your body will naturally become leaner and healthier.

In your efforts to lose weight, it is still important to follow proper nutritional guidelines and include cardiovascular exercises three times a week. To achieve best results, alternate resistance training and cardiovascular exercises or incorporates both in your workout.

Above all remember, the real goal is weight loss forever, and sometimes asking “How do I lose weight fast?” could lead to trying shortcuts and not exercising right or sufficiently. Keep your eye on the prize and resolve to do everything it tales – including exercise.

Step 3:  Reconditioning Your Metabolism

The third piece to your personal puzzle “How do I lose weight fast?” lies in your unique metabolism. Your metabolism is controlled by your endocrine system. How well your endocrine system functions depends on the nutrients your body absorbs as well as the stress levels you experience. When you eat lots of processed foods which are high in sugar, processed fats and sodium, your metabolism becomes out of sync- not functioning properly. It then becomes a lot harder to lose weight. Extreme dieting and high stress levels also affect your metabolism negatively.

Following a natural diet, meditating 15 minutes a day to lower stress levels and avoiding extreme diets will all benefit and recondition your metabolism.

In following these three simple steps, you will be one of the small 5% of people learns the secret to the question “How do I lose weight fast?”  Be prepared to share your secret with envious family and friends.