How Can I get Rich? – The Secret

The secret to becoming wealthy is actually quite old. The only reason it is called a secret is because most people don’t practice it consistently enough for it to work. You may have heard of it before, it is often referred to as the Law of Attraction. This Law of Attraction says that you can get what you want by focusing your thoughts and emotions on the vision of already having it.

This may sound far-fetched but some of the most accomplished and successful people in history have used the Law of Attraction, including Leonardo Da Vinci; Ludwig van Beethoven; Thomas Edison, Einstein, JD Rockefeller and Dale Carnegie, to name a few. In fact, evidence pointing to knowledge of the Law of Attraction and the powerful difference it can make in people’s lives goes back as far as to the ancient Babylonians.

The main point that determines if the secret works for somebody is whether they are really dedicated to learning and applying it. So, if you see people achieving their goals and getting the things they want and you want to do so too, here are five things you should do to make the secret work for you.

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These five simple steps have been adapted from “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill – possibly the most comprehensive and practical book ever written on the secret to answering the question “How can I get rich?”

How can I get rich? Step 1: Set an exact goal

You need to have a specific goal that you can focus on and build a plan towards acquiring it. For example, if someone had a goal of becoming a millionaire they would set their target as one million dollars. So, set your exact goal. Don’t worry about how you’re going to achieve it at this point; that comes later.

How can I get rich? Step 2: Set a deadline for acquiring it

Setting a deadline for achieving your goal will help you to have a sense of urgency about achieving it and this will stop you from procrastinating. Any goal that does not have a deadline will likely not be achieved, but just stay a wish.

How can I get rich? Step 3: Determine your contribution

No matter what it is that you want from life you cannot receive for any given time if you are not willing to give something in return. So you need to decide exactly what you are willing to give in exchange for the wealth that you want. It needs to be something that you’re passionate about.

How can I get rich? Step 4: Create a plan and get started… ready or not

Having a plan gives you something specific to focus your energy on and means that you are less likely to get distracted by other things. Your plan doesn’t have to be perfect at first, the important thing is that you start working towards your goal – whether you are ready or not. You will eventually be successful but you need to understand that it is a process of learning what is and what isn’t working, and continually adjusting your plan accordingly.

How can I get rich? Step 5: Write it out and “rehearse” it twice a day

This step is very important as this is the means by which you stimulate your subconscious mind and condition yourself so that you start to automatically choose actions, thoughts and beliefs that will help you to achieve your goal. You can rehearse your goal by reading your plan out loud, using a vision board, watching mind movies, creative visualization or another means of forming an image of your goal and the plan you have devised to achieve it. This will inspire you to consistently work toward obtaining your goal.

This process is simple and very effective. The sooner you start it the sooner you will have an understanding of the secret to answering the question “How can I get rich?

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