Affirmations for Weight Loss

It is crucial to implement positive affirmations for weight loss if you want to achieve long term results that can be maintained with ease. People who use tools like hypnosis and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) in combination with an exercise and healthy nutritional program achieve better results in terms of permanent weight loss. In order to achieve long term results, it is essential to understand how and why affirmations work.

As soon as you have set an ideal weight, you can start using these uncomplicated, easy and effective affirmations for weight loss – tools to help you on the road to achieving your ideal weight. Imagine the confidence, abundant energy and greater self esteem you will enjoy when positive changes take place.

Step 1:  Set your ideal weight

For developing easy and effective affirmations for weight loss, you have to set a specific ideal weight you would feel enthusiastic to achieve. You shouldn’t make the mistake of telling yourself to lose weight- as we all are conditioned to associate losing with painful experiences and this should be a positive experience. When using the word “losing” the subconscious mind will automatically bring negative associations into play.

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Come to think of it, none of us actually wants to lose weight, we just want to be at our ideal weight and feel good about ourselves. This is quite an important distinction when it comes to losing weight fast.

Note:  In order to determine your ideal or target weight, it is best to consult your physician or use a reliable target weight calculator. If you just estimate or guess your target weight, you may end up feeling you can only be happy at achieving that specific weight.

Step 2:  Decide what to change

To lose weight fast, you will have to make a few but significant changes. These changes will complement the positive affirmations for weight loss you are about to embark on. Positive changes in your diet and physical activity can only enhance fast weight loss whereas an attempt to neglect them will be detrimental to your health- and frankly it just isn’t worth it.

In short, you have to determine your target/ideal weight and clearly identify the lifestyle changes you are going to make in order to achieve this. This will kick start your subconscious mind to identify specific physical actions for your journey to achieving your ideal weight.

Step 3:  Build Effective Affirmations

You have done the following:
•    You have responsibly (not guessed) your target or ideal weight
•    You have decided what definitely need to change in order to achieve this.
It is now the time to start building uncomplicated and effective affirmations for weight loss by following these basic principles:

a)    Always make affirmations in the present tense
b)    Use the word “I “. The first person
c)    Make them positive/affirmative (don’t use negative words like stop, don’t, quit, not, lose, etc.)
d)    Use action words (directed towards positive changes identified in Step 2.)

I am eating more natural foods and reconditioning my metabolism to be more energetic
I’m committed to cardiovascular and resistance training to build lean muscle
I’m achieving my target weight and enjoying more energy through a healthy lifestyle

As you will notice, all these affirmations are written in a positive manner, in the present tense, in the first person, and is geared towards taking action. Now it is time to put it into action…….

Step 4:  Rehearse Daily (Practice Makes Perfect)

As you know, practice makes perfect. We all learnt that as a child.  To recondition your subconscious mind you will consistently be   implementing positive weight loss affirmations. The same principles apply to reconditioning your body- you can only achieve permanent results by exercising consistently and making it an integral part of your lifestyle. Enjoy the activity and it becomes easy.

Clearly write down your affirmations for weight loss, say them aloud once in the morning and once in the evening.

The secret lies in reconditioning your subconscious mind with positive for weight loss as part of a healthy lifestyle.