The keys to success in life

Welcome to Keys to Success in Life. Apart from the 5 steps outlined below you will find great advice and discussions on various topics that may be of specific interest to designing your ideal life. Here’s wishing you a great life. Please do check out the FREE report offered at the bottom of this page.

The keys to success in life – 5 easy steps

The first step in finding the keys to success in life is to define success for yourself.  However, do not define it in terms that will take no effort to achieve.  There are only one place where you find Success before Work – in the dictionary.  On the other hand it is also try that some of the best things in life is free – a lovely sunset, a smile from someone our love.

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So to help you determine what the keys to success in life is, here is 5 action steps.

1.    Have a balance of goals

Consider these categories – money, friends (both being and having), career, education  fun and relaxation). Set clear, measurable goals (in terms of content as well as time frame).  It must be beyond any doubt that you have or have not achieved your goals.  Avoid general statements that feel good  (not one of the keys to success in life) but does not hold you to account.

2.    Listen to your inner voice

Have the courage to ignore the clutter, noise and busyness of modern life.  Hear your small still inner voice that reflect the true you.  Allow it to have its say when setting your life’s course.  After all it is probably expressing your deepest desires. You will be well on your way to finding the keys to success in life.

3.    Take action

Do not try to find the final and ultimate goal.  It is better to set goals, work hard at achieving them and then change course if the goal does not inspire you any more or are clearly unattainable.
Jack London, the writer, said: “You can’t wait for inspiration to come to you, you must go after it with a club.” So inspire yourself by taking actions, moving forward, and feeling the wind in your face.

4.    Reflect

Once you have started taking action you can get caught up in the thrill of it.  So, take time to sit back and reflect on whether your actions are resulting in achieving the goals you have set.  Furthermore, do those goals reflect a life balance or do they focus on one aspect only.  Listen to your inner voice again.  Remember this is one of the keys to success in life.
One good way to reflect it to write down your thoughts – possibly in a journal.  This helps you to clarify your thoughts.  Begin writing by recording answer to questions like “What’s one thing do I want people to remember me for?” or “What is the main thing I want to accomplish before I die?” This will help you develop the skill to understand your own thoughts, listen to your heart and the answers will become clearer and more focused over time.

5.    Be willing to change course

Finally, if you have embarked on a course of action and it no longer works, or you have lost enthusiasm have the courage to change course. If you take the time to set goals, listen to your inner voice, take action and then to reflect on all of this, then you should believe your heart if you truly believe you are taking the wrong course.  You may believe this is failure.  It is only failure if you stop trying.  Changing course and admitting mistakes is no failure, it is courage to change, to try again and to persist until you succeed.

So devote yourself to following these steps, especially to take action and to change course if that is necessary and you will eventually succeed in finding the keys to success in life.